The ICARRE 95 project is a growth-generating project for Renault, the initiator and leader of this project, but also for the entire industry in France and, by extension, in Europe.
We have demonstrated that a manufacturer could provide the industry with new tools and outlets which not only help increase end-of-life vehicle recycling rates but also generate new income which justifies the proposed investments or implementation of new practices.
The short material loops defined and implemented to respond to the new vehicles' specifications are the best way to retain the technical and economic value of the materials from the end-of-life stage. The tools developed to provide a repair service which can increasingly rely on second-hand spare parts are also highly innovative and generate value for the industry.
We want to disseminate these good practices as widely as possible in France and Europe; we will continue to play our part in this respect.

ELV recycling in France is an extremely dispersed activity which relies on a lot of small, highly specialised companies. The ICARRE95 project helped infiltrate this milieu, gain insight into how it works, propose changes in terms of good practices and test processes which are now operational with a view to providing effective/optimal solutions for the recovery of materials from ELVs.

The ICARRE95 project gave GAIA the opportunity to develop new activities in an area we were already familiar with, i.e. wreckers, recyclers and Renault sites. Our previous activity essentially focused on recovering end-of-line vehicles or manufacturing scrap. The project was an opportunity to enhance our skills and Turnover in collection and recycling of materials. And also to turn our existing clients into suppliers and vice versa !