For INDRA SAS, ICARRE95 was an opportunity to establish new processes in the context of the circular economy. This overall reflection led to :
1- The creation of GOODBYE CAR offering help to retail customers to dispose of their ELVs to combat fly-tipping,
2- The creation of PRECIS allowing the categorization and sale of recovered parts to insurers, loss adjusters and coach builders,
3- The organization of flows of materials for wreckers in the INDRA network, in the context of their short recycling loops,
4- The generation of new tools to optimize the dismantling of vehicles.

As a result of ICARRE95, INDRA has embraced a new exchange and sharing approach. We have examined methods and resources responding to the profession's needs and constraints which we have then cascaded (instruction sheets and equipment). ICARRE95 therefore helps implement user-friendly, productive and environmentally-friendly processes which improve the quality of the second-hand spare parts and materials produced.