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Logistics (from collection organisation to transport to the treatment facility) are made difficult by dispersed sources (1,581 approved ELV Centres and more than 40,000 garages) which are not always accessible (inside ELVCs)

Solutions provided by Icarre 95:

– Organisation of a “capillary” collection from the wreckers to transfer and compaction platforms (need for a material removal contract).

– Organisation of “arriving” means of transport to recycling or consumption sites with maximum filling level.

– Search for partners to develop an alternative collection (small carrier). Filling of means of transport and multi-materials.

– Implementation of a solution covering all departments with transfer platforms (receipt, sorting prior to baling) as per negotiated costs.

– Operational management and capitalisation of the difficulties encountered (quality of the material, monitoring of weighing and packaging operations).

  • Cost management and reduction.

A new model was developed to collect materials dispersed across the French territory:

Capillary collections help aggregate ELV materials into 22 transfer platforms. These platforms are equipped with balers. Final transport to the processing centre (also known as arriving means of transport) is therefore optimised by the effective filling of the semi-trailers.