Material recycling is a key element of the project. The ambition to identify, control and sometimes participate in the construction of an entire recycling loop is a first in the ELV domain.

In light of the scope defined and the limited resources of the project, this action focused on three major material categories, selected for their weight ratio within the vehicle, their technical recyclability potential or economic value:

– plastic polymers (noryl and polypropylene from the bumpers, upholstery, etc.)

– foam and textiles (seats, rear parcel shelf, floor mat, etc.)

  • metals (copper from harnesses, platinum group metals from catalytic converters and cast iron and aluminium from engines
recyclage matiere - 1

The ICARRE95 project gave GAIA (a subsidiary of Renault Environnement) the opportunity to develop new activities in an area we were already familiar with: wreckers, recyclers or Renault sites. Our previous activity essentially focused on recovering end-of-line vehicles or manufacturing scrap. The project was an opportunity to enhance our skills and Turnover in material collection and recycling. And also to turn our existing clients into suppliers and vice versa!