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Article 2: Intellectual property rights

Copyrights and/or Design Rights and Trademarks

This Website constitutes a work whose author is RENAULT pursuant to articles L. 111.1 et seq. of the French Intellectual property Code.

Project management for this new version of the ICARRE 95 website was the responsibility of: Toni Gallone – Sebastien Henry  – Christophe Garnier – Francois Marie

The following also participated in the construction of the website as partners and witnesses:

Christophe Bisiaux (ISEL), Christophe Garnier (Renault Environnement), David Ravet (MTB), Dominique Clermidy (Renault Le Mans), Erwan Le Yaouanq (Kaliplast), Fabrice Abraham (Renault), Fabrice Lodetti (Filatures du Parc), Francis Blaizet (Aubervilliers vocational Lycée), Gaetan Vogel (ENSAIT Junior Engineer), Hocine Meslem (INDRA), Jean Marc Antonini (VSI), Karima Benaissi (IFS Valence), Jeanne Meillier (CETI-Uptex), Jean Philippe Hermine (Renault), Laurent Claude (Renault Environnement), Loic Bey-Roset (INDRA), Marco Meloni (Synova), Marine Russo (ITECH Ecully), Michel Lopez (SNCF), Mikel Leturia (UTC Compiègne), Olivier Gaudeau (INDRA), Philippe Schultz (Renault), Richard Papin (INNORTEX), Sophie Rabeau (ISPA Alencon), Toni Gallone (Renault Environnement), William Fraissines (GAIA), Yves Babian (Renault), Jean-René Charmasson (MTB), Raphael Secula (Bourgogne Recyclage), Stephane Gérard (COUV in Talmont Saint Hilaire), Régis Poulet (INDRA).

The design and development of the aforementioned website have been provided by the Agence 129 Company.

The photographs, texts, slogans, pictures, images and animated sequences, both with and without sound, as well as all works included on the website, are the property of RENAULT or of partner third parties who have authorised RENAULT to use them.

Reproductions on paper or digital format of the aforementioned website and of the works and vehicle models featured therein are permitted provided they are strictly reserved for personal use, excluding any use for advertising and/or commercial and/or information purposes, and that they comply with the provisions of article L 122-5 of the French Intellectual Property Code.

With the exception of the above provisions, any reproduction, representation, use or modification, regardless of the process and medium, of all or part of the site, and of all or part of the various works and vehicle models on the site, without having obtained prior authorization from RENAULT, is strictly prohibited and represents an infringement of copyright punishable by three years in prison and a fine of €300,000.


The RENAULT name, the RENAULT logo (diamond), the slogans and logos are, unless otherwise specified, registered trademarks of RENAULT SA or other companies of the group.

Other trademarks are also mentioned; they are in principle identified with a capital letter. They are used by RENAULT with the permission of their owner.

The reproduction, imitation, use or affixation of these trademarks without obtaining prior authorisation from RENAULT or their respective owners represents an infringement of copyright punishable by four years in prison and a fine of €400,000.

Subject to the provisions of these CAU, users shall not copy, modify or reproduce in any form all or part of the information and components appearing on the Site, or intervene on the Site, or act in a way that infringes the intellectual property rights of RENAULT and of third-parties having authorised RENAULT to use them. The use of an intellectual property right belonging to RENAULT or a third-party that has authorised RENAULT to use it that is not expressly authorized by the CAU is strictly prohibited.

Article 3: Personal data and other data

The personal information collected as part of registration forms (surname, first name(s), email address, etc.) is essential to respond to your requests for information or send you electronic newsletters or press release and event alerts when relevant.

This information is confidential and kept by RENAULT. In accordance with articles 38, 39 and 40 34 of the French Data Protection law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, amended by law no. 2004-801 of 6 August 2004, you have the right to access and correct your personal data as well as to prevent your personal data from being processed by contacting us:

– via our contact form

– or by writing to the following postal address:


Environmental Plan Department

1, avenue du Golf

78084 Guyancourt Cedex

RENAULT undertakes not to use the data collected or any part thereof for commercial purposes without informing you first.

Article 4: Access to the website

You can visit this website anonymously.

When the Visitor is a minor, the parents and anyone exercising parental authority are reminded that it is their responsibility to determine which service(s) their minor child is allowed to use and to monitor the use this child makes of this (these) service(s).

Article 5: Hypertext links

RENAULT shall under no circumstances be held liable for the content as well as the products or services proposed on websites linked to the website via hypertext links or any other type of link.

Article 6: Security

When using the website, you undertake not to perform any operation likely to cause IT, functional or any other breakdown affecting the operation of the Website or any server or service accessible via the website. You undertake in particular to provide, within the confines of the website, only reliable, inoffensive information, data, documents and files, unlikely to affect the operation of the Website or any server or service accessible via the website.

You undertake, when using the website or any server or service accessible through the website:

to respect the applicable national and international laws and regulations, as well as the rights of third parties, not to negatively affect RENAULT’s image in any capacity and any form whatsoever. In particular, you shall hold our company harmless against any proceedings brought by third parties linked to the content of the information you provide within the confines of the website, notably that resulting from an infringement of personality rights or an intellectual property right, breach of the peace, indecent behaviour, an infringement of the right to privacy (right of personal portrayal, etc.) or the criminal provisions of applicable national and/or international law. As such, you undertake to compensate RENAULT for any costs, charges and expenses that we may have to bear in this regard, including reasonable fees and expenses in connection with legal advice.

RENAULT undertakes to take all necessary steps to guarantee the security of the information you provide them with within the confines of the website.

Nevertheless, RENAULT cannot guarantee against the interception of messages transmitted electronically. Therefore, notwithstanding the provisions of article 3 hereof, we invite you not to disclose any unnecessary or sensitive personal information electronically. If you wish to communicate this type of information to RENAULT, make sure to do so by post.

Article 7: Limitation of liability

The user has the authority to accept to the CAU and to assume all resulting obligations. Consequently, the user shall use the Website under his/her sole responsibility and undertakes to comply with the provisions hereof, the rules governing the activities on the Website and all law and regulations applicable to the user’s activities on, via or relating to the Website.

The information and services accessible via the Website are provided “as is”. Errors or omissions may occur. RENAULT gives no guarantee, express or implied, and shall not be held liable in any way for the use of this information, these services or the Website.

The user acknowledges that he/she is solely responsible for the use of the Website, the information and services accessible via the Website, and acknowledges that neither Renault nor any of its subsidiaries, nor the members of the RENAULT network, may be held liable for any direct or consequential damage, including any material, immaterial loss, loss of data or programme, financial loss, resulting from access to or use of the Website or any website linked to the Website, or due notably to the interruption, suspension, modification or discontinuation of the Website or one of its elements. The user expressly acknowledges that the content of the website is presented with no guarantee of any kind whatsoever.

RENAULT may, in light of the circumstances, take whatever action they deem necessary or appropriate regarding the user’s access to and/or use of the Website and its services, as well as the elements provided by the user. RENAULT may notably interrupt, limit, suspend, prohibit, in whole or in part, access to the Website, without prior notice or compensation, if the user behaves in a manner or engages in activities prohibited by any applicable laws and regulations or the CAU. The provisions of this article shall remain applicable after the termination or expiry of the CAU.

Article 8: Access suspension or interruption

RENAULT may, at any time, limit or suspend, temporarily or otherwise, your access to the website in the event of:

– a breach on your part of these CAU, without prejudice to any other rights of our company,

– technical problems linked to the infrastructure put in place for the launch and running of the website.

In the event of a permanent interruption, you undertake to immediately destroy any copy of our website and/or its content.

Article 9: Applicable Law

These conditions are subject to French law.  These conditions are written in French.  In the event of a dispute, the French courts shall have sole jurisdiction.

Article 10: Updating the CAU

RENAULT reserves the right to modify and update the access to the Website and the CAU at any time. These modifications and updates are binding upon the user, who shall consequently regularly refer to this section to verify the currently applicable CAU